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Facilities for people with disabilities

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Car Parking
Marked car parking spaces are provided at the front and the side of the Leisure Centre. Access to the Westmorland Hall directly from the car park can be arranged when booking your concert ticket from reception.

Lift Facilities
A key operated passenger lift is available should you wish to move between floors. Lift keys are available from the reception desk.
Toilet Facilities
Special toilets for people with disabilities may be found on all floors.

Concert Arrangements
The Leisure Centre reserves the front row of seats wherever possible, for each event, for the use of wheelchair users and their friend. Such priority will be held until two weeks before the event. Hearing aids are available for certain concerts. Reception is fitted with 't' switch hearing equipment.

Door Access
Many of the centre's doors are fitted with magnetic door catches (linked to the fire alarm system) for ease of access. There is also a front door ring bell facility to alert reception if you should need assistance.

Pool access
As with all other facilities, the swimming pool is available to people with disabilities on a casual user basis: There is also a special Saturday morning session. The pool is equipped with a 'mechanaid' pool hoist, with fully submersible wheelchair. If you should wish to use the hoist, please advise reception on arrival. Changing room facilities are available with specially enlarged cubicles, toilets and handrails to assist users through the shower area onto the poolside.

Theatre / Concert Events

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